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2010 ~ Santa's "Super Cam Clamper"
Unlike any machine on the market today!

Totally portable wreath clamp machine

New ~ Comes with Clamp Ring Guide Installed.


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Santa's Super Cam Clamper
Hand-operated (no hammer) "Super Cam Clamper" exclusively designed and manufactured by Santa's Wholesale Supply!

  • Nice heavy duty construction - machined and laser cut steel.

  • No hammering involved, crossover jaw action.

  • Weighs only 6 lbs and will store practically anywhere.

  • Increased crimping pressure near the end of the close, making a tighter crimp and sturdier wreath.

  • Can sit on table top or counter.  You won't have to buy or build a special table! 

  • For use with most wreath rings with clips.

  • Adjustable for 6" through 48" ring sizes including specialty shaped wreath forms. (Must have clips or clamps attached to ring)

  • Plywood base not included.

  • For use with Most wreath rings with Clips

  • Designed, Manufactured and Sold only at Santa's

2010 ~ Clamp Ring Guide"

Santa's Clamp Ring Guide

  • Speed up wreath making by using a guide to set your ring in the crimping jaw groove. Just crimp, turn the ring until it stops and push down into the jaw. Easy to attach! Can be used on Santa's Pre-2010 Super Cam Clamper or Michell's Wreath Clamp machine. Designed, Manufactured and Sold only at Santa's Wholesale.

Wreath Crimping Machine Weight Price
Santa's Super Cam Clamper 7 lbs. $119.00
Clamp Guide Ring 2 lbs. $19.00 Buy Now!


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